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5 Extreme Sports Videos That Will Blast your Mind

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The craze for extreme sports has been rising since off-piste skiers flied down the Chamonix Mountains strapping huge video cameras to their head, in the eighties. Now we are able to capture every sports event and see it from the perspective of the player. Thanks to GoPro!
We have compiled here ten extreme sports videos that previously were restricted to those with strong nerve or those lacking sense. From hoverboard skate to dirt bikes and wave surfing, our extreme sports video selection is beyond your imagination. Simply tap the video and enjoy all these sports without taking risk of your life.

Dirt Bike Wave Surfing

When Robbie Maddison says he’s going to do something than you would better believe. He has captivated audiences around the world with his limitless courage and creativity. His most recent Pipe Dream takes everything to a whole new level.

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