10 Most Stylish Shades For Men This Spring 2016

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Some sunglasses are perfect to sport formal apparel, while some others are more casual to give you a mod look when hitting up the beach or playing outfield. So, you need to have more than one pair of sunglasses in your wardrobe for varied looks. Up your sunglasses game with our collection of some most stylish sunglasses for men for spring 2016. From Ray-Ban to Dior, the following collection contains the designer and branded shades that range $95 to $510.

Choose Right Frame For Your Face:

The shape of your face is biggest factor to consider when searching for right pair of shades. For square face shape, rectangular shaped frames are recommended with softer edges. It will let your natural face features shine through. With round face shape, go for the largest frames and avoid round frames. For oblong face shape, round or square frames with aviator styles are highly recommended. Rectangular frames will work better with diamond face shape. Larger frames will work better with oval face shapes.

1. Ray-Ban Black/Grey Men’s Sunglasses 

Price: $150

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