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10 Turn Offs that women want men to know


Ladies are used to being told what men find fascinating. The article always in most women’s magazines is a summary of things to refrain from using the fact that men do not find it arousing.


So to help men who date women get an idea of ​​where they might go wrong, Here are 10 things they need to fix to have a better relationship.


  1. You are rude to bartenders.


Rudeness is a mood killer, for both, It may be, anyway, take some time for the real nature of individuals begin to look through, so women pay close attention to how you treat the people who serve it to get advice on how you can deal with some later.


  1. You have bad shoes


What she considers a horrible shoe is subjective, however, one thing is for sure: women take a look in their shoes.


  1. Selfishness


Selfish men are not appealing to women. So avoid any action that may feel you are selfish.


  1. You Stink– Not using Deodorant


It is a matter of personal cleansing that women do not agree with a mass scale. Deodorant is Must.


  1. You tell her she’s “not like others.”

Express feeling of hate for girls in general and treating her in a particular way won’t help you. Instead, it would be a big turnoff for a girl because you are showing that you are not nice person.


  1. You refer to women as “females”


This is a major concern: we are human ladies, not antelopes, and “feminine” is a descriptive word, not a thing. This is a really simple solution – call us “ladies.”


  1. Always late


If you say you will be in a place at any time, you will be at this place. Simple. If it is over and over again, you start to feel as if you do not care.


  1. You assume that sex ends after you arrive


Give me a chance to put red sirens around this: this confusing in the room is a very bad look. Your relationship is not a cut of porn, so do not act as if you were in one.


  1. Wearing dirty clothes


Again, this is essential. However, it seems so regularly. People: wash your clothes! Bring a little! Wash and re-seal!


  1. Having Long, dirty nails


This happens so often that it deserves to stay in front of your psyche: dirty or uncared-for nails are time.

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