20 Pluse Random Thoughts That One Might Have During a Group Fitness Class

fitness class

Our brains are the most amazing part of our body. While it never stops working while you are eating, sleeping or working out hard at the gym. The best thing is that we have one brain that, almost looks same but we all use it in a lot of different ways. If you could rake in the brains of people who are sweating it out next to you, I am sure you’d hear some of these.

  1. I forgot to pee.
  2. Crap! That person took my spot!
  3. Deodorant should be compulsory. Like pants.
  4. Is that man looking at my ass?
  5. Oh God if this instructor makes me do one more set, so please help me.
  6. How rude would it be to walk out right now?
  7. Starting with the burpees? Is she insane?
  8. I surprise how many people have sweat on this exact yoga mat?
  9. Did someone fart? Wait — what if I fart?
  10. I think I’m going to puke.
  11. I’m never taking this class again.
  12. Of course, I won’t be able to walk tomorrow.
  13. Why does he keep mentioning hills and breezes? We are INSIDE!
  14. Should I tell the lady in front of me that her pants are almost see-through?
  15. I should not have pounded that banana before class.
  16. Put my leg where?
  17. Does that man know his shorts are so loose that I can see his bits and pieces? Oh no no, he just saw me, Look away!
  18. Boy, do I need a pedicure.
  19. Nothing is worse than holding the plank.
  20. It’s hotter than death in here.
  21. I surprise how bad the shower line will be.
  22. Ooh, five minutes more!
  23. Have I lost any weight in last two days?
  24. Ah! A Beer sounds so good right now.
  25. Yep! that was the longest 60 minutes of my life.


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