30 Things That Help A Guy To Become A Real Man


You defiantly have heard a lot of things from your teachers, parents and even from your girlfriends that a real man should do this and should do that, etc. but here we are going to tell you 30 things that really help a guy to become a real man.

1. Never, ever break your promise.

2. Must learn how to catch and gut a fish.

3. Always stand up for the little guy.

4. Kick out that terrible friend to the restraints.

5. Talk to the girl that everyone is hesitating to talk.

6. Start and win a race that may kill you.

7. Make a call to a sick friend.

8. Participate in a group sport.

9. Ask your girlfriend’s father permission to marry his daughter.

10. Go alone to an event in your town and leave your smartphone at home.

11. Never go home with the ‘other’ lady.

12. Hang out with your father-in-law instead of hiding behind your wife.

13. Tell your buddy that his girlfriend is not “The One”.

14. Send a drink to a woman from across the bar.

15. Jump a turnstile.

16. Dress up like a big boy.

17. Try to choose “Dare” instead of “Truth.”

18. Never cheat on her.

19. Unfriend your ex.

20. Always when you feel say “I’m sorry.”

21. Secure your legacy.

22. Have that weird conversation where you tell your parents you appreciate them from your heart.

23. Blow off your close friends to hang out with your girlfriend.

24. No condom = no sex.

25. Take control of a worse situation.

26. Say ‘Yes’ to the spontaneous road trip

27. Work honestly, no matter what you do.

28. Dance confidently at a wedding.

29. Demand a higher salary from your first job.

30. Get over being dumped with self-esteem.



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