4 Facial Hair Rules You Should Start Following Right Now


Having messy and poorly groomed facial hair makes you a creepy weirdo who is good for nothing, especially for ladies. However, if you follow some simple rules, you are more likely to have an attractive, manly specimen that no woman can resist. We have listed down four simple but most important beard rules to ensure that your facial hair look its very best.

#1. Give yourself six to eight weeks.

Let your facial hair grow for six to eight weeks because you won’t be able to trim it properly until you have something to work with. During that period, you might seem like an messy weirdo to women but it’s basic part of the process. So, just try to stay indoor as much as possible during this time.

#2. Pick a style and stick with it.

You can give different styles to your beard like something above the lip or chin or a full mountain man look. But whatever you choose, try to keep it consistent. Messing with your beard might make you have to revert back to that six to eight week waiting period.

#3. Keep a clean look.

No matter what beard style you choose, you must watch out for those stray hairs. For example, even if you have a full beard, that doesn’t mean you should let stragglers go way up high on your cheekbones. Regardless of your style, having a beard means regular maintenance, and most styles will require you to trim up that neck hair.

#4. Use a razor.

When trimming those stray hairs or shaping your beard, you may be tempted to simply use hair clippers. After all, clippers are easy to work with and require no messy shaving cream. Don’t do it! Use a razor for a clean, polished look that the ladies will love.

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