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4 Reasons Bodybuilders Need More Water Intake


Water forms a very important part of our existence and should be consumed in good quantities for a healthy and fit body. Water makes our skin soft and hair thick and long. Very few people know that water is quite essential for bodybuilders too, and they should consume much more water than the normal recommended dose of ten glasses every day. Here are the top 4 reasons why bodybuilders need more water.

1. Controls Salt Levels

As a bodybuilder has to consume good amounts sodium in their food, the body tries to retain more water so that it can dilute the concentrated sodium. In such a case, either the bodybuilder will have to reduce the intake of salt or consume more water to balance it out. Since reducing salt intake can be dangerous for your bodybuilding plan, it is better to increase the amount of water that you consume properly.

2. Metabolizing Fat

Another important reason why water should be consumed in very good quantities is that they play a very crucial role in making the kidneys function properly, and if this doesn’t happen, then the liver has to bear the load.

3. Cleans Out Toxins And Wastes

All the toxins and similar waste products get entirely flushed out of the body with the help of water. As bodybuilders generally consume a diet which is rich in protein, they should drink a lot of water to remove the extra amounts of ketones, urea and nitrogen from the body and make the body function properly.

4. Reduces Retention Of Fluid

It is a complete myth that water makes you retain fluids in your body and bloats you up. On the contrary, drinking more water will help you to get rid of the extra fluid in your body and make your body healthy.


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