5 Very Important Tips For Your First Move

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If you are going to move so its big change that coming your way.  Moving to another place comes with some new opportunities to find out new places, people, etc. Whether its fear of the unidentified or your fear of losing your old friends, moving blues are natural.

Here are five ways to prevent your stress and make it a more positive and rewarding experience of your life.

1.Plan forward:

When you’re planning to move, time can be your biggest enemy.

To ensure that you are not going to the rush packing, so carefully assess if you have lots of days left before your moving day. Plan out how you are going to spend these remaining days in your old place.

2.Throw/Donate or Sell things:

All things that are not easy to carry with you, you can throw, donate or sell these things. Categories the things to in four categories useful things, throwing things, donating things, things that you don’t need anymore and things that you can sell for cash.  Minimum things also help you to feel less panic.

3.Clean everything before pack:

Save you time and reduce stress by cleaning each and everything. Studies have found that mess affects our ability to focus indeed increasing our stress levels during times of the pressure.

Before you go into the rough business of the packing, make sure that you have done all the cleaning.

4.Ask for the help:

Don’t hesitate to ask for a friend’s help because there are a lot of things that you can not do alone by yourself. You can ask their help in cleaning, packing and selling your items that you don’t want to carry with you. This can also be a perfect time to relive memories, so you have fun while doing the work.

5.Keep friends close, and real friends closer:

You are going to miss a lot of your close ones like co-workers, neighbors, and relatives so take the phone numbers of all of them and keep in touch with them after moving.

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