Things That Men Should Know While Purchasing The Leather Goods

leather goods of men


The history of Leather is very old it has been around since the dawn of the man. From the armor on the battlefield to the lingerie in the bedroom, leather has no boundaries. It can be found in sports with footballs and baseball gloves, in blue collar trade with tool belts and work boots, in the business wear with briefcases and dress shoes, and in everyday life with jackets, wallets, belts, backpacks, and  so more.

A few basic tips about Leather can help men to buy better, work better, dress better, and play better with the quality products that will stand the test of time.

Grades of  the Leather:

PU, Faux Leather, Pleather – This isn’t leather.

Bonded Leather – Picture sawdust, excluding its leather scraps instead of the wood, this have been ground up, varied with glue, and then it formed into the sheet of… “leather”. If you have had a belt that ends up splitting, cracking and peeling,  just after a few months of use, then it was most likely bonded leather.

Genuine Leather – Leather hides can be over the quarter of an inch thick. They rip into the layers, and its lowest layer is Genuine Leather. This layer has a loosest fiber making it the least durable. It can be refinished to look like the higher quality of leather or left rough.

Top Grain – The top Grain comes from an upper layer of the hide where the fiber is tighter and the leather is relatively more durable. Top Grain has been sanded and refinished to remove the scars and blemishes from the surface of the hide. This procedure decreases the durability but makes for the clean pristine surface, and the overall quality leather.

Full Grain – This is the best leather that money can buy. Full-grain is a very top layer of the hide, with the tightest fibres resulting in the greatest durability. Full-grain leather can be recognized by the subtle markings and scars that tell the story of the animal’s life. There is no refinishing and sanding with Full Grain leather. This is leather in its purest form, and all product made with the full grain leather is unique. This leather may last a lifetime and ages very beautifully. You will be hard-fought to find products made of the full grain leather. Because that material is costly and difficult to work with.

With that knowledge, know you can now buy leather products confidently. Whether you’re in the market  and looking for a sports car with a leather interior, a new wallet or stylish belt, a pair of wingtip dress shoes,  rest- assured your leather purchase will stand the test of the time and grow old with you.

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