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Things Between Taylor and Tom Continue To Heat Up

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Tom Hiddleston gears up for his next film, ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, the good-looking actor is hopeful that his

famed girlfriend will keep visiting him on set.

Taylor Swift, 26, and Tom Hiddleston, 35, are taking benefit of every moment they spend together

before the dashing Brit has to begin with production on his new movie Thor: Ragnarok in Australia. But

being the proper gentleman that he is, the sexy thespian has given his new girl Taylor Swift “an open

invitation” to visit him on the set.

We know Long distance relationships can be really hard but that is why Tom has the ideal plan when he

goes to Australia next month. “Taylor and Tom are spending as much time as possible with each other

before production starts on his next film in the Thor series (Ragnarok). Taylor is making the most of her

time with him and isn’t worried about having a long distance relationship. She’s confident that what she

has with Tom is really solid,” an insider tells “If Taylor has the opportunity to visit him on the set in

Australia, she will of course do it. She has an open invitation from Tom.” How romantic!

Clearly things between Taylor and Tom have been heating up. In fact, their bond has become so serious

that Taylor wants to introduce him to her mom. As it was previously reported, “Taylor would love for

her mom to meet Tom. She’s eager to introduce them to each other. Taylor and her mom are super

close, so it’s just a matter of time that the three of them will get to spend time together,” a source told

us EXCLUSIVELY. “If Taylor and Tom weren’t serious, she wouldn’t waste her mom’s time.” Sounds

pretty serious to us!

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