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58 dead & 515 injured in Las Vegas shooting


A shooter opened fire in a shelter in a hurry outside Las Vegas, killing nearly 58 people, harming 515 and more and confusing the terrorized group mingled with most deadly shootings in the history of the United States

Gunman Stephen Paddock has been found dead by officials who stormed on his 32-storey Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said. Some deaths.

Lombardo described Paddock, of Mesquite, Nev., As “an individual plan disrupted causing massive losses.” Lombardo said that Paddock was probably a “lone wolf” and that a process of reflection in the filming had not been resolved.

“It’s a crazy fool of hate,” said Mayor of Las Vegas, Carolyn Goodman. “It was an awful moment for all of us.”

The three-day celebration of Route 91 Harvest began on Friday and Lombardo estimated that 22,000 people were in the group when the shooting began Sunday at 10 am. neighborhood time.

The main event of the festival, Jason Aldean, a blue lawn music artist, was in front of an audience when the explosion of the projectile began, continued to play through the main fly, extension, video of the scene appears.

The music stopped almost at the same time as the volley, but after a few seconds, another long burst of shots began, confusing the group. Recordings using web-based networks indicate that people who sketch to cover themselves and escape from the middle of the tenacious barrier.


“It was the craziest thing I’ve ever encountered in all my years,” said singer Kodiak Yazzie. “You could hear the unrest that came from the west of us from Mandalay Bay. We could see a series of fires.”

Monique Dumas was six lines from the phase where she heard an explosion of sounds that seemed to be firecrackers. He said he had left the region in the middle of “organized chaos.”

“It took four to five minutes, and all this time there were beatings,” he said.

Ivetta Saldana revealed in The Las Vegas Review-Journal, covered it in a sewer after the beginning of filming. “It was a terrible apparition,” he said. Aldean said that he and the rest of his group were protected.

“Tonight was horrible,” Aldean said on Instagram. “It hurts my heart; it would transpire that it was very recently to appreciate what it needed a good night of time.”

Aaron Rouse, head of the FBI’s Las Vegas office, questioned the Islamic state’s assurances that Paddock was one of the soldiers of the aggressors’ meeting. Animate stated that no association with the perpetrator had been found.

“We have no idea of ​​his frame of belief,” said Lombardo. We are convinced that he was the only aggressor.

Lombardo said Paddock registered with housing on Thursday. He said that when the shots started, the specialists could see that the blows came from Mandalay Bay. Representatives and visitors guided the officers in the room. The officers used explosives to “break” the entrance and discovered Paddock dead inside.

Lombardo said that no less than ten rifles were found in the room. – Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 2, 2017

Mesquite is a city of about 18,000 people 80 miles east of Las Vegas. Lombardo said the experts had acquired a court order for the premises. Records show that Paddock lived in 1372 Babbling Brook Court in a house he bought in 2015.

The house is in a retired community, Sun City Mesquite, a luxury upgrade of about 1,400 homes. The group of people integrates 18 green, indoor and outdoor pools and a fun-filled approach. Occupants must be at least 55 years old, and no children are allowed.

Lombardo said police had named Paddock’s flat companion, Marilou Danley, as a man of intrigue. She is out of the nation, and Lombardo told me she would be headed beyond her arrival.

“Our condolences are addressed to families who have lost their friends and family tonight, considerations and supplications with which this disaster influences them,” said the Metropolitan Police Department of Las Vegas on Twitter.

President Trump led the country on Monday from the White House, calling the assault “a demonstration of unadulterated demons” and calling banners to half the staff. He expressed his gratitude to the

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