45 Plus Things To Do Even In A Strapped For Cash

A Short Of Money

Just because you have a short of money, it doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. Whether you want to enjoy outdoors or would rather kick back at your home, there are a lot of ideas you can choose from. Not just will you stay on your target budget, but you will still have a guaranteed to a good time!

If you’re looking for something to do, must check out these 45 plus activities that won’t break a bank!

  1. Visit a local beach.
  2. Organize your closet.
  3. Reread a book you own.
  4. Sign up for a free class.
  5. Rearrange your furniture.
  6. Make a playlist on Spotify.
  7. Have a movie marathon with close friends.
  8. Swap clothing with friends.
  9. Play some board games.
  10. Visit a local park or playground.
  11. Go swimming.
  12. Sunbathe.
  13. Try a new hairstyle at home.
  14. Plant some flowers in your garden.
  15. Practice new makeup looks.
  16. Paint your nails.
  17. Go sightseeing.
  18. Use YouTube videos for karaoke.
  19. Host a dinner party.
  20. Go on a bike ride.
  21. Take your pet out for a walk.
  22. Photograph local sights.
  23. Paint or sketch something.
  24. Write in your journal.
  25. Visit a museum on a free day.
  26. Go hiking.
  27. Watch the sunset.
  28. Take a nap.
  29. Make a scrapbook.
  30. Go on a walking tour.
  31. Practice yoga.
  32. Practice playing an instrument.
  33. Write a song.
  34. Wash your car at home.
  35. Visit with family or friends.
  36. Volunteer for a local organization.
  37. Organize the pantry.
  38. Catch up on laundry.
  39. Paint a pot.
  40. Mow the lawn.
  41. Do some arts and crafts.
  42. Exercise.
  43. Start a DIY project.
  44. Put on a garage sale.
  45. Write a bucket list.
  46. Put together a list of your favorite recipes.


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