7 Ways To Appear More Attractive Than You Actually Are

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Sometimes you might feel that you can’t do anything to change how attractive you are. But, there are tiny changes that a person can do with little effort that can pressure the way people distinguish how attractive you are.

Do these following things to make people think you are more attractive than you actually are.

  • Avoid small talk:

Some experiments have been done which compare individuals who speak about the surface issues with the people who talk about the deeper topics. These studies found that the people who talk about their beliefs or their passions and themselves believe that their partners are more attractive than those who talk about the weather or other general subjects.

  • Eye contact:

When you meet someone for the first time, try to note what color their eyes are. You will look into their eyes just a bit more than you generally would. That little extra eye contact can make you more appealing to the other person.

  • Personal Hygiene:

There’s no secretarial for what a deep shower can do for your attractiveness. You smell good; your hair looks nicer, and looking clean also shows that you value yourself. And don’t forget to brush your teeth, trim your beard, and use a deodorant. These small things will do big wonders.

  • Hand Gestures:

Most people rate those who use hand gestures as more charming and confident, characteristics that are valued. Use your hand gestures to up your attractiveness.

  • Dress well:

Your outfits are like a label attach on you and how amazing and attractive this label is it also make you look more attractive and it also important to dress according to the occasion.

  • Smile:

Smiling people are equal to attractive people so keep smiling.

  • Play hard to get:

For men, this can be a helpful tactic. Studies proved that women are more likely to be interested in the men when they can’t figure out whether or not he’s concerned in them.

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