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8 Most Overvalued Players Of All Time

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At the point when free organization tags along, you comprehend what happens: players get toon dollar signs in their eyes, and administration is very upbeat to begin hurling greenbacks at them such as rice at a wedding. This is all fine obviously—assessing ability is the thing that the general chief is paid to do, all things considered. Sadly, history has demonstrated that even in the major associations, numerous GMs aren’t any more quick witted than that gentleman in your dream football class who dependably picks a kicker in the first round, which is the way this gathering of bozos wound up turning into the most exaggerated players ever. A debt of gratitude is in order in vain, front office.

Alex Rodriguez

The New York Yankees have a long and beautiful custom of throwing reams of cash straightforwardly into human landfills such as Kei Igawa and Carl Pavano. Be that as it may, nothing beat their choice to toss an indecent $275 million at the puffed up bobblehead that is Alex Rodriguez. Yes, A-Bar was at one time the best player in all of the baseball. Sadly, those days were at that point in the past when the Yankees chose it was a smart thought to sign him for an additional 10 years. A-Bar spent a whole season on the banned rundown on account of steroids, while New York has spent practically every waking minute since attempting to escape their agreement with him in any capacity conceivable. Awesome employment, folks!

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