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8 Things You Need to Know Before Buying iPhone X


Apple has launched new smartwatches, an Apple TV and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. However, the illustration was a high-end phone called iPhone X A.k.a iphone 10, with a starting price of $ 999.


Tim Cook, Apple CEO, confirmed the gadget as “the future of the smartphone.”


“The first iPhone revolutionized a decade of technology and changed the world in the process, now ten years later, it’s just that we are in the next decade.”


  1. Full glass


The iPhone X will have glass in front and back, what Apple calls a “full glass design”. In the possibility that you are stressed by this glass breakdown, Apple focuses on that glass is “the strongest” ever used as part of a cell phone.


2.Edge-to-Edge Screen


The front of the iPhone is the entire screen. The display covers the whole face of the phone, except for a bit on the top of the camera. The screen measures 5.8 inches.


  1. Home button removed


To get full screen, home button has removed. Conversely, customers can slide their finger across the top of the screen to return to the Home screen or switch between applications.


  1. Face Id


The iPhone X presents something more than expected: the ability to unlock phone by scanning your face. It’s accurate.


  1. Animoji


Have you ever had an emotional experience with your voice and facial movements? I do not know what to do with the iPhone.


  1. Extended Battery Life


Apple says the iPhone has two hours more than the iPhone 7.


  1. Wireless Charging


The iPhone X, similar to the 8 and 8 Plus, will have a wireless charging. This depends on the wireless standards of Qi.


  1. Fast Charging.

Apple finally introduces Fast charging which is available already in android since long.


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