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Aaron Hernandez had CTE, and it is a colossal problem for the NFL


Aaron Hernandez has just become the dangerous man in football. This is an unusual statement given the fact that the former New England Patriots died and took more than four years of his life on the ground but rather in a correctional facility to kill. In any case, disclosure Thursday that Hernandez had a horrible and constant encephalopathy when he was killed will shake the NFL.


Hernandez was 27 years old when he died, but an autopsy of his brain indicated that he had the CTE stage 3, the second most terrible phase of the disease. His brain had also begun to retreat, and there were ample openings in a central layer.


To be clear, this is not typical, as noted a complaint documented Thursday against the NFL and the Patriots by the life partner of Hernandez and his young wife.


“The report on neuropathy at Boston University also notes that the pathology of Aaron’s CTO was strangely extreme given its age,” the statement said.


What’s more, this is a problem that the NFL can not rotate or make a double speech.


It was not difficult to claim football when it came to players of the late 70s, whose memories and identities had disappeared, turning them into individuals who barely noticed their friends and family as they passed. There is no conclusive connection, says the NFL, insinuating a large group of other ecological and vital factors that may have taken a share.


Although it was Junior Seau and Dave Duerson who took their lives in their fifties because their confused brains were at that time condemning their conviction and they knew there was more to come, NFL has understood how to deal with the obligation of football. Surprisingly, however, there are still a significant number of unanswered questions we have heard over and over again. Further research is needed on hereditary qualities and psychological maladjustment, and, indeed, all that can engender directed discussion.


The number of previous players with these obvious points in their autopsied brain has accumulated – 20, at that time 50, now over 100 – and again the class demanded to play silly.


“There are still many unanswered surveys that identify with the reason, frequency, and prevalence of long-term impacts on head trauma, such as the ETC,” the NFL said in July when the Journal of Medical Association American distributed a survey that discovered the CTE in the brain of 110 of the previous 111 players of the NFL.


Anyway, a 27-year-old? The NFL claims you need it or not.


The NFL invests a lot of energy and assets constantly to comfort the recalcitrant guardians that it is good to give your children the opportunity to play soccer at the youth level. Anyway, Hernandez’s news will only increase fear, influencing caregivers to think about whether they entrust their children to a correctional facility or a funeral home, allowing them to play.


If Hernandez had an extreme CTE before the age of 30, how could he guarantee that my son would not?


“According to CTE, people with CTE in Phase III, similar to Aaron, usually encounter manifestations, such as memory mishaps, official theft, animosity, unstable behavior, loss of fixation, tilting oscillations, an abatement, lack of concern and psychological disability, “the statement said.


NFL representative Brian McCarthy said the association had not seen the complaint documented by Hernandez’s family and could not comment.


While the NFL constantly knew that this day was coming, he finished everything he can put. Give an opportunity to feel scruples about science and slow down the exam.


In any case, the class was wrong from the start. Learning is the power and searches for answers to the causes of ETC – how many successes are too much, when they do more harm, why some people are more vulnerable than others – this is the main thing that can save football long-term.


The death of Hernandez at such a young age will be a turning point for the CTE and head injuries. In the possibility that the NFL does not perceive this, it is not very misleading. It’s absurd.

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