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According to Science Bald Men are Smarter and Sexier

Bald Men are smart - His Fashion Trends

Most men stress over hair loss. Regardless of whether it’s medical or hereditary, a sparser scalp can sap your self-assurance, even though there are a lot of motivations to grasp the hair loss. Luckily, there’s currently logical go down for folks who praise the slap head, civility of Dr. Straight to the point Muscarella at Florida’s Barry University.  He says it gives you sex appeal.

The psychologist asked participants to rate photos of men in four areas: physical attractiveness, aggression, appeasement and social maturity. Traits like honesty, social status and intelligence all factored into these choices and balder men came out on top in the smarts, dominance and sex appeal contests. Think less Lord Voldemort, more Jason Statham.

So for anybody considering a transplant, turns out you can even now bring attractive back without a full head of hair.

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