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According to the White House, Trump donated $ 1 million for Harvey’s victims


President Donald Trump has donated a million dollars of his own money for the victims of Harvey’s efforts, said White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

He said Trump did not choose the association to follow. The representative said that Trump especially advised Sanders to approach writers in preparing recommendations, as they provided details about the meetings and their relief efforts.

“As I said, he happily promises $ 1 million of his own money to help the general population of Texas and Louisiana,” said Sanders.

Trump gave his first two-quarters of presidential salary to governmental organizations. He gave his first part to the National Parks Department and the second to the Department of Education.

Trump and Melania Trump will travel to Texas and Louisiana on Saturday, said Sanders. Both went to Corpus Christi, Texas on Tuesday. Vice President Mike Pence visited the danger Thursday in Rockport, Texas.

The details of his next walk are coming to an end, said Sanders. The provisional agreement is that they will go to Houston, Texas, and Lake Charles, Louisiana, said.

When that donates, Trump will join a considerable amount of donors who have guaranteed $ 1 million in relief efforts. The Abbvie Foundation has submitted $ 1 million in grants. The Allstate Foundation pledged $ 1.55 million to alleviate and coordinate the commitments of the owners of organizations and representatives.

Vizient said a $ 1 million donation from the organization and representatives to help the workers in the healing center. Reliant, based in Houston, has spent more than $ 2 million on relief efforts.

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