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CEO Uses ‘Snowflake Test’ to Weed Out Whiny, Unproductive Job Applicants

After releasing a video going up against whiney, complaining students, The Silent Partner Marketing, a boutique firm centered around helping organizations develop, was overwhelmed with resumes – yet before potential candidates are enlisted, they should breeze through a unique test.

Kyle Reyes, CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing, told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, a “snowflake test” is utilized to vet work candidates.

“A snowflake is somebody who is going to whine and complain and come to the table with nothing but an entitled attitude and an inability to back their perspective,” he said.

As indicated by Reyes, the organization has wiped out 60 percent of interviewees through the application procedure.

“We used it to sort of weed out the people who were inundating us with resumes and didn’t even know what we do for work,” he said.

The test incorporates questions spinning around an applicant’s position on America, police, and firearms, yet Reyes said he’s not worried in regards to discrimination lawsuits.

“There’s no discrimination here because what this is, is a glorified personality test. This is something that happens in interviews every single day,” he said.

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