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Challenges That Men Face At Workplace

Challenges That Men Face At Workplace

We often talk about the problems and challenges that women face in their workplace.  But we often overlook the challenges that men have to face during their work. And you know sometimes these challenges can be even more complicated than the problems a women face during work.

Here are the four challenges that men face at work:


Now most of the organizations are moving towards the more friendly and collaborative culture. No doubt it is a good thing. But on the other hand, the culture that men classically fit into best is becoming demonized. Amazon was recently criticized for having the too aggressive culture. The New York Times article, “Inside Amazon” depicts an overly spirited business, determined by the long working hours and a lack of understanding, with the managers highly critical of persons work. If it’s true, it doesn’t look a very delightful place to work there! But if you suppose that this article is overemphasizing things to sell papers oh shock! It does sound the culture that a lot of men would fit into adequately. Amazon has hired a few of the best people in the world both female and male, so I think it cannot be that bad.

2.Work-life balance:

Today, most men are seriously involved in their childcare and other house work. The reason behind it is that many females are the main earners, and for that reason it makes sense for the man to take the larger portion of childcare duties. But very few businesses recognize this fact. Leaving an important meeting early to “pick up the kids” is the really difficult thing for a man to say.


The swift rise of the beards in the workplace has been significantly discussed. In short, having a beard was earlier unacceptable. But now it is fine. What is significant is that it shouldn’t be appeal mentioning at all. Surely choosing your hair style should be your personal choice? Men’s look in the workplace is dictating to them. A suit, Black shoes, a tie, a short hair cut. I am about as outmoded as it gets, so this is really a good thing for me. But for guys who love to have a bit of a style, it is very restrictive.

4.Hurdles before you even join:

The fissure between women and men graduating is getting close to 60/40. For every 60 women leaving the university, there are just 40 men. This drift is increasing, some studies suggesting that the percentage of the male graduates could fall as low as 30% by 2020. Of course, it’s a problem. Education should not contain gender bias, and more needs to be done to overturn this trend.



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