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Completely Functional ‘Apple Mirror’ expands Your Reflection With iOS Apps


A graphic designer and web developer has made a completely functioning touchscreen “Apple Mirror,” offering a reflective look an envisioned future where Cupertino fabricates keen screens for the home.

New York-based Rafael Dymek made the reflect as a personal project, aping components of iOS 10 to expand the interface, which seems to keep running off the back of an adjusted desktop touchscreen OS.

The “Apple Mirror” includes the date and time in the upper right corner and a climate estimate in the top left. Underneath these sit a few working iOS application symbols which can be adjusted with the drag of a finger.

A tap opens the applications in the well-known way, yet in a windowed mode, despite the fact that this allows for simple multi-tasking. Dymek exhibits a portion of the likely outcomes of his adjusted Apple interface, which incorporate the capacity to ask for an Uber, watch Netflix, read the news, control a Nest indoor regulator and savvy lights, control yield to a Sonos speaker system, and that’s just the beginning.

Following 45 seconds of idleness, the interface goes to rest, and the touchscreen resembles an ordinary mirror, while a simple tap resumes utilize. Look at the video to see it in action.

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