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Cristiano Ronaldo says it’s harder to win a trophy with Portugal than with Argentina


Cristiano Ronaldo has spouted a lot of times about how much winning the European Championship with Portugal the previous summer intends to him. However, he included some more setting as of late, contending that triumphant with Portugal was distinctive and harder than winning with Argentina, Germany or Brazil.

“Of course it’s good when you win Champions League, the (Spanish) league, Golden Ball, Golden Boot, but when you win something for your country, it’s completely different,” Ronaldo said in a mini-documentary Four Four Two released Friday. “The feeling is different.”

“The achievement to win for Portugal is not the same for Argentina or Brazil or Germany. It’s very, very – it’s more difficult.”

Ronaldo laughed when he said that last line as if he knew he was going to offend someone with it. What’s more, a few fans have rushed to translate Ronaldo’s remarks as a burrow to his counterparts, especially Lionel Messi. Essentially, Ronaldo is by all accounts suggesting that Messi has it much simpler with Argentina and the colleagues Ronaldo needs to play with on Portugal make his job tougher.

Here’s the thing, however: Ronaldo makes an entirely strong point.

Simply contrast the Argentina squad with the Portugal squad. Few of Ronaldo’s colleagues have distinct parts at top clubs, while Argentina is loaded with starters at the world’s top clubs. If he was attacking anybody, it could be contended it was coordinated at his Portugal squad.

The other reason Ronaldo’s remarks are impeccably justifiable is that Portugal has never won a won a major international title. Fans from Argentina, Brazil and Germany, have had their share of victories to appreciate in a lifetime – each has won a World Cup in the most recent 30 years – yet for the general population of Portugal, the 2016 Euro win was not at all like anything they’ve encountered.

“It’s the first time in the history of Portugal,” Ronaldo said. “You don’t know what it means for the Portuguese people. It’s a huge thing, you know. Personally, it was the best moment in my career, too.”

From that viewpoint, Ronaldo’s remarks bode well – regardless of the possibility that they will at present send Messi fans’ blood bubbling.

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