Defeat the Heat With Tasty 4-Ingredient Coconut-Matcha Ice Pops

Coconut-Matcha Ice Pops

I hope you know the benefits of coconut, in its all forms. Coconut oil shows up in a lot of things from beauty treatments to lattes, and we really love coconut water in our cocktails. So we decided to make coconut milk the base in this decidedly grown-up, healthy Popsicle and added matcha to give it a hammy flavor and loads of nutrients. If you’ve had green tea ice cream, so this is the ice pop version of that, minus the dairy and refined sugar.
Coconut-Matcha Popsicles
Yield: 2 cups mix
One 13.5-oz. Cans coconut milk
1 Tbs of matcha powder
1/3 cup honey
One tsp of vanilla extract
A pinch of salt
Combine all the ingredients in the blender; blend until it smooth. Start with honey; taste and see if you need more. Pour this into pop molds and freeze it for at least four hours.

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