Do That ‘EMOM’ Workout That Turbochargers Your Metabolism

‘EMOM’ Workout

The jump rope or medicine ball are perhaps two of the last items you’d clutch at the gym. It’s better to pair them together, and you can get a great cardio and core workouts of your life.

As the jump rope offers the low-impact way to hike up your heart rate, shape your calves, and improve your rhythm and coordination. If you don’t have the jump rope, either fake it or hop, skip, or run in the place.

The volatile med ball drills rip up your abs and turbocharge your metabolism. The three med-ball moves in this practice work your body in all three planes of the motion, so you’ll get the complete workout that will make you fitter.

How to do it: Grab the stopwatch. Do the exercises in the order shown every minute on the minute.  Follow the prescription for every movement. If you finish all the rep before the minute is up, rest the remainder of that minute before starting the next move at the top of the minute.

1 Minute: jump rope, 50 revolutions.

2 Minute: med-ball rotational chest pass, eight reps per side.

3 Minute: jump rope, 50 revolutions.

4 Minute: med-ball split stance wall ball, 8 reps per side.

5 Minute: jump rope, 50 revolutions.

6 Minute: med-ball situp throw, 15 reps.

That’s only one round. Do up to five total rounds for a half hour workout.

For a jump rope work, progress by adding five to ten revolutions every session. Once you can do 100 skips every minute on the minute (EMOM), progress to doing 50 revolutions on one leg or use a heavier rope.

For a med ball work, begin with a 4- to 6-pound ball and increasingly build up to a 10- to 20-pound ball.

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