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Donald Trump’s visit to Mexico is welcomed with hostility online

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Donald Trump’s shock decision to visit Mexico, the country he needs to close from the US with a security wall, has not been warmly received south of the fringe.

Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, who has beforehand contrasted the Republican presidential nominee with Hitler and Mussolini, attempted to strike a more emollient tone, tweeting:  “I believe in dialogue to promote the interests of Mexico in the world and to protect Mexicans wherever they are.”



Many of his comrades were relatively blunter as they foreseen the entry of a man who has blamed Mexico for “bringing their worst people” to America, including criminals and “rapists.”



“@realDonaldTrump you are not welcome in Mexico,” tweeted Miguel Barbosa, of the resistance gathering of the Democratic Revolution. “Get out! You’re coming to get your picture taken with the very people you’ve offended.”

Barbosa additionally assaulted Peña Nieto, saying his welcome to Trump was not deserving of the Mexican government.

The former president Vicente Fox, who has frequently reprimanded Trump for his behavior towards Mexicans, was equally direct. “There’s no turning back, Trump, your insults to Mexicans, Muslims, and others have dropped you into the hole where you find yourself today. Goodbye, Trump!”

Enrique Krauze, a historian, approached Trump to show he was sad for his words and thoughts.  “Apologize for @realDonaldTrump for calling us rapists and killers, guarantee that you won’t build the wall or deport 11 million Mexicans,” he composed.

Pascal Beltrán del Río, a columnist, welcomed Peña Nieto to face Trump and make his nation’s grievances plain. “I’d like [him] to tell Trump to his face that Mexicans don’t deserve the things he’s said about us and that we won’t pay for the damn wall.”

Others felt Peña Nieto had conferred a grave blunder by welcoming Trump and in this manner reinforcing the authenticity and believability of his battle.

“So this is the splendid methodology that the Mexican government has contrived for managing Trump?” asked Tatiana Basáñez, a social clinician.

“[He’s] become a propaganda tool for the country’s worst enemy,” wrote Jesús Silva Herzog, a political analyst, adding: “No. This isn’t a calculated risk. It’s monumental stupidity. There’s no way this will work out well.”

Trump is relied upon to meet Peña Nieto sooner or later amidst the day preceding setting out to Phoenix, Arizona, to deliver an address on immigration.

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