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Every Entrepreneur Should Have These 5 Apps On Their Smartphone

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Unless the business is an app itself but apps on your phone is unlikely to make or break your business. Day-to-day certain programmes can make an entrepreneurial life a little bit easy and a lot more efficient. Entrepreneurs can make their smartphone their most important employee by filling it up with the right apps – these five should be the place to start, no matter what industry they’re in.

eSign Manager DC

Now the life is going to turn modern ways and the business life transacting is moving increasingly online. Although this help to save valuable time otherwise would have been spent travelling to and from signing sessions. Maybe it can be a little boring in itself, trying to scribble a legible signature with a computer mouse, etc. eSign from Adobe, is helping to reduce this painless process, saving your signature and allowing you to sign documents effortlessly and securely. It also records document history that to create an automatic audit trail for future use.


With Mint on your smartphone, you can manage your money on the go, personal and business. Through this app, you create budgets, receive alerts for unusual charges and get custom tips for saving money in the future. Having all of your financial information and bills in one place and coherently visible could be the difference between good cash flow and unwanted overspends.

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