Find Some Time To Discover Your Inner-Self

find Your life

In this life, we even don’t have time to live. Many of us don’t know the answer to the questions like Why do I live? What happens to me after this life? We challenge if you think about your life just for one week you might discover a lot of hidden things about your life and the reason to bestow you with this life.

Have you ever pay attention to stars, occasions, nights, days, forests and other things that are a part of this colorful plant. Have to think this universe has made without any designer and planner??

Surely that’s not possible without a super power that has the authority to do each and everything in order.  We never see a day come before night and night never come without the sunlight of the day. Management and organization in day and night the births and deaths of every living organism and so more are the obvious signs of this super power.

We called this super power as God! Who is God? How God is looks like? What is the God’s purpose behind sending us into this world?

No one can answer these questions. But we all agree on this point that God loves us a lot; he care for us, he always remains with us. Sometimes we forget him and his kindness to us, but he never forgets us even after all the mistakes me made.

While searching your purpose to come in this word must keep this thing in your mind that surely he did not create you just to live your life and die like an animal, but God expects from you to utilize your life for serving the humanities, and all the creatures of God in this universe. Only the person who actually knows his inner-self can know his God. So just get one week from “your life” to know yourself, to know your inventor.



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