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Gnabry fancies Hoffenheim’s odds against Reds


The two teams meet for the first round of the main conflict at the Wiren Neckar arena, before challenging a possible final victory at Anfield.

Therefore, Gnabry, who is in advance at Hoffenheim FC FC Bayern München, needs the club to embark on the victory of both legs. He said to Kicker: “We are at home to start, and we must try to win both amusements.

“Both teams will approach very differently and they will give everything, we have the opportunity, there are many stakes for both clubs.”

He spent the first bit of his trade with Arsenal in the English Premier League, which entered into a small lead spell in West Bromwich Albion.



He then scored for SV Werder Bremen, where he scored 11 goals in 2016. He won a move to Bayern which at that time surpassed Hoffenheim for the current campaign.

He included: “I am engaged with Bayern and I know this is where my future lies, but I want to play as much as possible in the meantime,

“I was impressed by what Hoffenheim did last season and I’m here to help with this progress and to continue my own development.If you face a previous club or in my case you come back to England, There is a little more excitement in the boat. ”

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