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Google’s new pixel series can’t beat iPhone in sales


Google launched pixel series recently consisting of a pair of phones which are rival of Apple’s iPhone, which is the most productive smartphone in the business sector because of its strength over high-end.


Apple shouldn’t be worried that the Pixel, which retails for $649, will instantly cut into its piece of the pie, however.

An early supply chain-based evaluation from Digitimes, a Taiwanese trade publication, proposes that Google’s Pixel could ship between 3-4 million phones in the second half of 2016.

Apple sold 232 million iPhones during 2015 and is poised to do about the same amount sales in 2016. Apple ships more than 4 million iPhones every week.

Apparently, no one anticipated that Google’s Pixel would achieve the scale of Apple’s iPhone in a flash. Apple has spent about 10 years assembling its supply chain, retail operation, and brand so that it could sell that many phones.

It’s only an update that Apple has an incredible head begin on Google in the hardware business.

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