How A Perfect Handshake Can Assist You To Get A Good Job?


Most of the hiring managers view candidates with a proper handshake as more friendly and competent than those with a weak grip; a study finds all that from the Journal of Applied Psychology.

No doubt a firm handshake indicates self-confidence and extroversion, the authors of the study say.

Boost your chances of scoring the job by perfecting your handshake. According to the research from the University of Glasgow and Psychological Science, These techniques will work as a trick.

  1. Hook Them With polite “Hello.”

Even before extend your hand, offer a friendly ‘hello.’ Stress the first syllable instead of speaking in the monotone, which people identify as dishonest.

  1. Start Early:

When you’re almost 6 feet away, hold out your hand and slant your fingers downward.

  1. Go In For the Kill:

Step forward with a positive handshake, scooping your palm into the front person’s palm.

  1. Adjust On the Fly:

Don’t pull away if the other person is going in for a bone-crusher. Subtly force him to amend his grip, then release his hand after a firm but comfortable shake.

  1. Lock-Eye Contact:

Stare into your partner’s eyes for full 3 seconds. , according to the research, a quick glance suggests you’re a weakling while 5-second stares make you come off as an eccentric.


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