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How Much Weight You Need To Drop To Fed Off Heart Disease And Diabetes?

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You don’t need to shed your pounds to gain healthy benefits; losing just a 5 percent of your body weight may be enough to fend off several health concerns.

In a new study conducted by the researcher from Washington University School of Medicine, it was found that obese people who dropped just 5 percent of their body weight improved several risk factors for diabetes. Their insulin sensitivity and the function of producing pancreatic beta cells were improved, leading to controlled blood sugar spikes.

This weight loss also helped their heart diseases by lowering their systolic blood pressure, visceral fat in their abdomens, triglycerides, or fat in their blood. It also reduced the fat in their livers up to 50 percent. That’s important because the non-alcoholic fatty liver can cause serious health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes.

However, researchers didn’t find any change in markers of inflammation in those who dropped 5 percent of their total body weight. It opposes the belief that weight loss improves heart and metabolic risk factors by reducing inflammatory compounds linked with fat tissues. The weight loss was shown to reduce oxidative stress which may improve heart and metabolic health.

The researchers noticed improvement in health markers like pancreatic beta cell function in those who dropped additional weight past the 5 percent mark. But dropping more than 5 percent didn’t improve markers like insulin sensitivity in fat and liver tissue.

It shows that a 5 percent weight loss is better and easier target to achieve than 10 percent. Furthermore, if you set an achievable target, the chances of failure and becoming depressed would be less.

The study didn’t look at other issues linked to obesity such as cancer, erectile dysfunction and joint pain. Talk to your healthcare provider to get a sustainable plan that can work best for your health.

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