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This Is How Selfies Can Harm Your Health

Selfies Can Harm Your Health

The craze of taking and sharing selfie is very common not only in youngsters but all the people regardless of age and even profession. As selfie seen us an interesting way to stay connected with our friends but while taking selfie we never think about its dreadful.

Psychological problems:

As per the latest research of US, most people who a lot of selfies daily have some psychological issues. They have an overstated interest in the esteem of themselves and their physical appearance. The researcher says they become selfish as well. Selfie fad is a new kind of the social sickness.

According to this study, people who post their selfies on different social networks have a difficulty of being admired by other people. They seek the attention and all the time pose in weird and aberrant styles in their pictures for catching the attention of people and getting more and more “likes”.

Another study, US Psychiatric Association says that “if a person takes three selfies in a day (especially the ones with duck-faced), then he or she surely has some mental disorder.”

A 19-year old British boy, who reportedly used to take almost 200 selfies every day, and he lost his weight badly and got different kinds of health issues because he was so implicated in capturing his selfies that he totally stopped looking after his health, he did not care to do his regular activity. And all he cares about was how to get a different and unique picture of himself. And one day, he planned for an unbelievable pose.

He decided to take a selfie while doing the suicide. Fortunately, he failed to his plan of suicide because he was so busy to fix the view of his camera. And he ends up in a mental therapy clinic.



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