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How To Build Muscle Fast Without A Gym

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When you plan to build muscle, what comes in your mind is hitting the gym vigorously. However, it is possible to build muscle and that too fast, without following gym-schedule. You may think that this can’t be true as there is a concept of using weights when it comes to developing muscle mass. With dedication and commitment, it is possible to get muscles without following the weight-based exercise routines.

How To Build Muscle Fast Without Hitting The Gym

Push-Ups And Pull-Ups Using One Hand

Take a box of some five-inch height and start one arm push-up using it as a support. Once you get comfortable with the workout, keep on reducing the height of the box until you can perform one arm push-up on the ground. When you’re comfortable with that also, use a box to support your legs while doing one arm push-up and gradually increase the height of the box. Pull-ups using one arm can be hard but keep on practicing to make it perfect.

Training Upper Body

This portion of the body is inclusive of a small and large group of muscles including biceps, triceps, back, shoulder and chest. Every time select one or two workouts for each part. Some of the effective exercises for the upper body include bicep curls, dips, overhead shoulder presses, and push-ups. Consider doing 2 to 3 sets of each exercise.

Training Lower Body

Lower body includes leg muscles and thus you should perform exercises that help to build this group of muscle mass. One of the best exercises for training lower body is doing squats. Place your hands on the back of your head and bend with the support of your knees. Your heels should be on the ground while you push the knees outwards. On your way up, squeeze the glutes and look upwards.

Using Rings For Pull-Ups And Push-Ups

When you use rings for doing pull-ups and push-ups, it is harder. Make sure you stabilize the rings when you’re opting for these workouts.


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