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How To Make Facial Hair Grow Faster


Facial hair has always been a symbol of power, a sign of masculine supremacy and a source of immense pride. So for all the beard fans who are tired of settling for a patchy and wispy facial growth, let me tell you there’s hope. First of all, let me start by saying that you are not alone. There are many dudes right there with you who do not find it easy to grow facial fair, but there are a couple of things you can do to help. I will not promise that each guy out there can grow an equally bushy and thick beard, but these tips will make sure you at least put your best effort.

Exit Stress, Enter Sleep

The average adults needs at least 6 hours of sleep. Your body, along with your facial hair, needs to time to repair. Whilst you catch on the zzzs, your body relaxes and minimize the stress. All of this together fortifies facial growth.

Vitamins Save The Day

Some vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients in your everyday diet can have a huge impact on your ability to grow a beard. Your facial hair growth can be impacted by both the macro-nutrients (proteins, carbs, fats) as well as micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals). So, ideally you should make sure you are getting good levels of zinc, magnesium, and Vitamin D—they induce testosterone production that can actually be a big game changer.

Show Some TLC To Your Skin

Honestly, a man should always take care of his skin—beard or not. Firstly, try avoiding taking too hot showers or cleansing your face with hot water, it will cause your skin to dry prematurely. Of course after cleansing, when your follicles are dry, the best moisturizer should be used. Moisturisers with Vitamin B5 is always preferred when it comes to increasing bodily functions —that in turn is crucial for growing facial hair. Another thing to try is exfoliation. You need a smooth canvas to draw something; similarly, you need to get rid of dead skin cells and grime to stimulate hair growth.


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