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How To Pick The Right T-Shirt


The T-shirt has a special place in every man’s closet, so make sure you choose carefully. Then combine it with your favorite jeans and put a shadow on everyone around you wherever you show up. If you need help choosing the perfect T-shirt for your needs, this brief guide will provide you with an overview of some of the most common T-shirt types, including size and fabric for every occasion.

The Slim Fit T-Shirt

The tight t-shirt originates from the tight undershirt dock worker used to wear in the 1920s. And this, currently most popular, model has come a long way from its humble beginnings to today’s runways. Although latest fashion trends favor oversize t-shirts, a lot safer and cozier option is a good slim fit t-shirt. This type of t-shirt should emphasize your torso and hide flaws, especially in the part of the abdomen.

The Round Neck T-Shirt

This is the most popular model of the short t-shirt, and it originates in the XIX century. It always looks better when you wear the correct size, not too small or too big.

The Right Material

Choosing the right material is very crucial because it will affect both for look and comfort. The best t-shirts are made from cotton, especially Egyptian. The 100 percent cotton t-shirts last a lot longer than those made from any other material. A combination of the polyester and synthetics will allow the skin to breathe during physical activities.

The Right Size

The t-shirt shouldn’t be too big or too tight because it will have a negative effect on your look, especially if you have a little extra weight. Basically, the t-shirt should fit your body naturally and without excessive tightness.


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