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Hugh Hefner, the owner of Playboy magazine, died at the age of 91


Hugh Hefner, the organizer of Playboy magazine, launched the bucket on Wednesday at Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, surrounded by friends and family, the magazine said in an advertisement. He was 91 years old.
It went from normal causes. With beneficial reasoning, urban complexity and sheer brilliance, Hefner was the symbol of the sexual agitation of the sixties, the example of the man of life who zealously advanced and winked at the disciples.
Hefner replied, “I changed my mood for sex, that decent individual can now live, sterilize the idea of sex before marriage, which gives me a remarkable accomplishment.”
At the age of 85, she observed with joy: “You are as young as the young woman you feel.” After a series of big hoaxes named after Tiger Woods and Jesse James were discovered, Hefner summarized his particular frame of mind: “I had a lot of lovers, but it’s not the same as cheating. I do it … I think when you see someone you have to be direct. The real indecency of treason is a falsehood.
The man mentioned millions as “Hef” was designed on April 9, 1926, in Chicago, the eldest of two sons.
His people were strict Methodists, and Hefner went to Chicago schools before joining the army, going to the Chicago Institute of Art and passing at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana with a degree in research on the brain.
“Part of the reason I’m my identity is that my Puritan roots work deeply,” he told the Associated Press in 2011. “My people are Puritans; my people are prohibitionists, I have not tasted my house, there was no sex trade. Moreover, I think I have seen the terrible side and double that at an opportune moment.
After working as a marketing specialist for “Esquire” – where he would have left since he did not receive a $ 5 increase – Hefner chose to start his distribution and raised $ 8,000 from 45 speculators for send “Playboy” in December 1953. (Initially, he had wanted to call it “Deer Night,” but he was forced to change his name to maintain a strategic distance from the brand invasion.
He was delivered to his kitchen, and he did not send any date because he did not know there would be a problem right now.
In any case, with instinct and brand skills that seemed to guarantee his prosperity reliably, Hefner had obtained a nude photograph of Marilyn Monroe for the central work, before the beginning of his cinematographic vocation.
The magazine sold 50,000 duplicates, making it a quick success. (Hefner then bought the grave next to Monroe in a Los Angeles cemetery).
A kingdom was propelled, along with Hefner – who separated the first husband Mildred Williams in 1959 – as his charming and cosmopolitan head.
Often imagined in nightclothes – or a silk coat – and smoking a pipe, Hefner advanced the rationality of Playboy as the magazine became an amalgam of nude photos of dazzling women and academic writing.
“With the possibility that you need all the opportunity to Playboy, he is hostile to Puritanism,” said the above speech that the state of mind of the nation turned out to be more gluttonous.
In 2005, a reality show showcasing Hefner and his loves, “The Girls Next Door,” debuted on. The show became a moment of success for the system, which lasted six seasons, and met the playboy author with another era, the youngest of fans.
“My father has continued to lead a remarkable and impactful life as a social and media pioneer and a leading voice behind the most critical social and social developments of our opportunity to push freedom of expression, social freedoms, and sexual opportunities, “said Cooper Hefner, and the inventive official leader of Playboy Enterprises, said during an announcement.
The separation of Conrad and Hefner was completed in 2010 and proposed in 2011 Crystal Harris, 24, former playmate. Harris canceled the wedding days before service but changed his mind, and they were married to end of 2012.
In August 2016, Hefner sold the famous Playboy mansion for $ 100 million. The deal depended on the Playboy organizer living in the mansion until his death.
Hefner came for his best half Cristal and also his little daughter, Christie; and their children, David, Marston, and Cooper.
Playboy did not download data about the dedication drawings, but Hefner has a funeral in a Los Angeles cemetery with Marilyn Monroe.
The Playboy site was taken Thursday with a simple tribute to the man behind the company who presented an image of a young Hefner and quoted: “Life is too short to live another person’s dreams.”

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