If You Love Game Of Thrones, You Will Also Love These 5 Shows

Game Of Thrones
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It’s hard to understand, but there are just two episodes are left in Game of Thrones’ sixth season. Although you’re preparing to grieve the dearth of your favorite series, regard as diving into the new show that a few features are similar. Game of Thrones isn’t the only series on TV that showcases characters clashing with the undead — and each other. Possibly you’re already watching one or more of these shows.


Suppose of Reign as the PG-13 version of the Game of Thrones. There’s a fight for the crown, a profusion of sexual intrigue, and just the smallest amount twist of magic and secrecy. It might not be capable of showing quite as much blood or skin as HBO’s hit, but that can be a good thing for some of the viewers.

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