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If You Want To Be Happier Man Start Cutting 500 Calories Daily

Cutting 500 Calories Daily

It’s okay to think of dieting as a buzz kill. But new research from the JAMA Internal Medicine found that eating very less can make you feel astonishingly good.

In this study, the researchers divided all participants into two groups. The first group of the member had to cut their daily calorie intake by 25 % for two years.

Means someone who was normally eating as 2,000-calorie diet, would eat 500 fewer calories daily, a significant limit

The other group was told to continue with their usual diets, eating how much they wanted to have.

Both groups were filled out questionnaires to measure the each subject’s mood, sleep, quality of life, and sexual function. All participants of group one had some weight to lose or were overweight at the start of the study. And at the last one were obese.

And after examining the responses, the researchers were found that the subjects in the first calorie-restricted group were basically doing overwhelmingly.

Compare to the free-for-all the eaters, those participants who cut calories had significantly improved the moods, slept deeper, were less tense, and even report having better sex.

They also lost an average of almost 17 pounds, compared to just only pound for the people in the second group. So if you want a better man with an improved lifestyle so check in with your doctor and ask him if you can diet this way.


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