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James Harrison Spends almost $300,000 a Year to Keep Body in Playing Shape


NFL player depends on his body to earn the living. Thus, many athletes invest much on maintaining health and recovery to stay in peak shape.

Jeremy Fowler profiled the profound lengths a few veterans take to draw out their vocations. No case is more outrageous than James Harrison, the 39-year-old Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker preparing for his 14th season.

As per Fowler, Harrison spends around $300,000 a year on needle therapy, rubing treatment, chiropractors and measuring. A large portion of the cost comes from going the nation over to see specialists.


“I don’t need to do the checks and balances like that,” Harrison said. “When it comes down to it, what I make versus what I spend, the payout is worth it based on how I feel.”

Security Mike Mitchell, Harrison’s Steelers colleague and preparing accomplice, evaluated a $200,000 yearly bill on his body upkeep costs. The 30-year-old has tried body hardening, which Fowler depicted as “basically foam rolling with about 120 pounds of metal.”

“Instead of rolling on it, it rolls on you,” Mitchell said. “If you had any knots in your leg and they start moving that thing around, it gets painful at times. But when you stand up, you’re loose immediately. It just smashes [the tension] out.”

Retired NFL players Barry Cofield and Ryan Harris labeled $50,000 an average on yearly recovery costs. Cofield, who played for 10 seasons with the New York Giants and Washington Redskins, communicated lament for no more spending.


“If I were to go back, I would invest even more,” Cofield said to Fowler. “I’d probably spend twice as much. I was very healthy the first eight years of my career. Toward the end, maybe more treatments would have helped.”

Ryan Shazier, a 24-year-old linebacker, communicated a willingness to take the lead of his veteran Steelers teammates. “If you pay $100,000 and you make an extra $3 million playing, that’s an easy decision,” Shazier said.

Regarding career longevity, contributing on player recuperation is far quicker witted than spending on autos and manors. The average NFL player is fortunate to play beyond 30, so Harrison’s success should especially persuade peers to redirect their earnings.

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