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Jason George to leave Gray’s anatomy


It seems that Dr. Ben Warren will join the Seattle Fire Department. After participating in the mission to protect Stephanie from the explosion that shook the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, Jason George officially leaves the mother shuttle and join Gray’s spin-off.


The series, scheduled to be released at midseason, will focus on a seasoned Seattle firefighters rally starting the captain’s positions in their expert and individual lives. George joined the Rosewood student, Jaina Lee Ortiz, who could be the woman running the program.


George handed the news to the fans on Twitter, expressing: “In, and, um … this happens … The universe #greysanatomy increases”.


More details on how Ben will progress from the Healing Center to the Fire House are kept secret – it’s Shondaland, all considered, but THR has noticed that it will be a key part of its history when Gray wins in the future not too far away. George will remain a fixed standard on the leader until the generation begins in the spinoff, and shortly after that, he will compromise his opportunity there. The way in which change affects her marriage with Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) remains in sight but does not prevent the occasional appearance on Gray before the spin-off is in progress.


George joined Gray’s in a repetitive cut in the sixth previous season, being raised to a general series in season 12.


The untitled version currently does not seem to reach a start date, but its first scene will air like a scene planted by Gray.

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