Justin Bieber Turned down 5Million Dollars to perform at Republican National Convention

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It could’ve been the greatest single payday of his life, yet Justin Bieber declined the offer to perform at the Republican National Convention.

Bieber rejected $5 million from donors Republican Party for a 45-minute show at the venue close Quicken Loans Arena amid the RNC in Cleveland, Ohio, as indicated by TMZ. He wasn’t permitted to say anything vilifying in regards to Trump or the GOP.

While the vocalist evidently at first thought of it as, manager Scooter Braun and mark CAA thought it was “100 percent political” and pushed against it.

Bieber, the subject of Gawker hypothesis about whether he is really a Trump fan back in April after as far as anyone knows enjoying Instagram videos of Trump, can’t vote since he is Canadian. Braun, nonetheless, will unquestionably be voting in favor of Hillary Clinton, as he has for some time been a supporter and even facilitated a raising support occasion for the Democratic Party chosen one in 2015.

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