Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Relationship Has Been Confirmed: Will They Get Tom Cruise’s Blessings? Keywords

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been outed as an official couple. And while they may be cheerful to

not have to bare the secret anymore, they’re horrified of what Tom Cruise will think!

After months of rumors, Katie Holmes, 37, and Jamie Foxx’s, 48, relationship has been confirmed. The

two might be on their way to being the next it-couple in Hollywood, but will they get Tom Cruise’s, 53,

consent? However Tom hasn’t spoken about it yet, but they fear his response may not be a positive one.

The secret of relationship might be out, but they don’t consider themselves safe just yet. “It is not all

rosy,” a source told “They have very real fears of Katie’s ex, Tom, and his reaction.”

However lately, their relationship was only rumor, which gave them the privacy they required away

from the media and Tom. But now that it’s out, they don’t know how the situation will go. “That’s a part

of the many reasons they prefer to keep their relationship private,” the insider continued. “In Mar.

2015, photos surfaced of Jamie and Katie holding hands and it kind of freaked them both out. Since

then, they have worked extra hard to keep their love out of the public eye.”

As Tom hasn’t openly acknowledged his ex-wife’s new relationship, it’s tough to think that he won’t

have at least one thing to say about it. Tom and Katie have a daughter together, and have

already demanded custody because of her divorce. And though Jamie has children of his own and

certainly has a way with the younger crowd, this could be a possible trouble.

But in addition to Tom’s position, the two just don’t feel like the new media hype to obstruct with their

work or private lives. “Jamie and Katie respect each other’s careers and don’t want any extra

attention to adversely affect their work,” our source added. But judging by their loving dates out, we

assume they’ll be more of a huge support system rather than a disruption. Let’s just expect Tom sees it

that way!

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