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Kim Kardashian Attacked: Man Tried to Kiss Her Butt


Kim Kardashian, 34, had attacked in Paris on Sept. 28 when Vitalii Sediuk — the same man who got Gigi Hadid a week ago during Milan Fashion Week — slipped past security to kiss her on the butt. WATCH the video, below:

As it is evident in the video, Sediuk figures out how to evade security and plant a kiss on Kim’s left side butt cheek. Her guards then jump on him and bring him down to the ground. So frightening! Who realizes what else he would have attempted, had her team not jumped in?!

It’s not known whether he was captured after the incident, and the camera stops rolling before we can tell if he flees, as he did from Gigi on Sept. 22. That time, the supermodel went ballistic — justifiably — and kicked and punched him back when he lifted her up. After he had fled the scene, she shouted for him to be gotten, and composed a public statement after that, encouraging ladies to safeguard themselves.


The crazy thing is that Sediuk has assaulted Kim before! He lurched at her two years ago, likewise at Paris Fashion Week, handling the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and practically thumping her to the ground. Security got involved instantly, holding him to the ground as Kim was escorted into the building alongside Kris Jenner.

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