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Korean Tech Giant, Samsung is permanently ceasing production of the Galaxy Note 7


Yes! Galaxy Note 7 is Dead! Samsung says it is permanently halting production of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, a day after it ended worldwide offers of the star-crossed devices.

The South Korean organization said in an administrative documenting Tuesday that it had made a final decision to stop production for the sake of consumer safety.


“For the benefit of consumers’ safety, we stopped sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note 7 and had consequently decided to stop production,” a Samsung representative told Business Insider in an announcement.

Samsung is attempting to regain consumer trust after the first round of recalls. The company said clients around the globe on September 2 that it was beginning a worldwide recall as a precaution after several phones caught fire after charging.

The company shipped out new phones it said were not affected by the battery issue. It would have been a minor issue for Samsung if it had finished there, and the Galaxy Note 7 could have lived on.

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