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Leather is a sophisticated way to add a bit of kick to your classic pieces


Remember that Friends episode where Ross tries to wear leather pants and ends up in a sweaty baby powder paste in a bathroom? I trust I’m not only one who envisions that scene any time I consider trying on a piece of leather clothing. (Well that, or the Fonze from Happy Days). But leather has come a long way and is more tailored, soft, and feminine than ever—meaning we have more ways to wear it than ever before.Check out these three style bloggers who prove that leather is a sophisticated way to add a bit of kick to your classic pieces and keep you looking chic all season long.

Sarah of Style on the Couch dispels my notion that a black leather jacket will make me feel like a biker chic. This shape is somewhere between a blazer and a cozy sweater with its soft folds. The key here is the softness we’re now seeing in leather. It doesn’t have to be stiff or boxy—it can have a feminine breath if you keep your eyes out for the right piece.This leather jacket makes Sarah’s t-shirt and jeans look daytime chic. It would also be show-stopping over a black sequin dress for night. Plus, it could even work for many office settings when paired with a classic blouse and pencil skirt.

This peplum top on Jen of Comme Coco just might be my favorite! Since it’s layered over a button-down shirt, I wouldn’t be afraid of wearing a fabric that doesn’t breathe against my skin, plus the peplum detail feels oh-so-feminine. The cut emphasizes her narrow waist, and the leather marvelously gives a pinstripe blouse a rockstar edge.Peplum shapes look best when you pair the fullness of the ruffle with slimness on the bottom. Jen is wearing straight leg pants but this balance could also be achieved with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans.

A leather dress can sound over the top or just plain unflattering—I pictured an unbending, boxy silhouette. Jessica of Lipstick, Heels, and a Baby, however, has found a darling example that’s proved my imagination wrong. The key again is a softer spin on leather, this time with lots of feminine tailoring that gives it a ladylike shape. Plus, a conservative high neck balances out the edginess of the textile.For winter, this dress would be darling over tights with boots, booties, or heels. A chunky cream sweater could keep you warm while making this fabric cozier and more approachable that you ever thought. And a denim jacket and loafers could even make it possible to work this look in your everyday style.

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