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Microsoft’s Surface Book announced with a Bigger Battery


A NEW SURFACE Book is to hit the market. It looks simply like the first model from last year, yet it has a redesigned processor and a much better battery life.

As indicated by Panos Panay, who runs Microsoft’s Surface division, enhancing the Surface Book was no simple task. People as of now love the debut model, with its separable 13.5-inch screen, 12-hour battery, and chippy performance. Indeed, Panay says the Surface Book has a more elevated amount of consumer satisfaction than any other portable PC in the Windows universe, and even the MacBook.

There are opportunities for improvement, and Microsoft tended to them in the new Surface Book i7. As indicated by Panay, engineers and gamers wanted more horsepower out of the laptop. Thus the new Surface Book’s base setup utilizes a quad-core Intel Core i7 chip instead of last year’s Core i5. The big boost is in graphic capabilities, as the new hybrid machine offers double the graphical abilities of its predecessor.


Despite the fact that 12 hours of juice is quite great as of now, Microsoft likewise introduced more batteries into the current year’s refresh. The Surface Pro i7now runs for 16 hours on a charge.

Beyond that, very little has changed. While Panay claims the innards of the Surface Book i7 were overhauled to introduce a new thermal-management system, the new machines appear to be indistinguishable to a last year’s notebooks. But you’ll notice a difference in the price tags: The lowest-end new configuration (256GB SSD, 8GB RAM) will set you back $2,400, while the fully pimped-out model (1TB, 16GB RAM) will cost $3,300. They’re available for pre-order today and shipping on November 10.

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