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Mike Pence wasted taxpayer money on Indianapolis Trip


Vice President Mike Pence made a great show to leave an NFL game at the beginning. He proclaimed himself irritated by the fact that a few players knelt during the Star-Spangled Banner song. “I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag, or our national anthem,” he announced as if to assault these things was the goal of the athletes.

NFL players knelt because they are convinced that African Americans are denied their rights to life and freedom by a criminal justice system.

“It’s not about the army, it’s not about the flag, it’s not about the anthem,” Eric Eric Reid said. “My mother served in the army, three of my uncles served … I have the utmost respect for the army, for the song of dedication, for the banner … This is abuse I will continue to do what I feel is vital, use the script I have, start the improvements, it’s really incapable, while everything that brought you, everything which grew up, had to be the best individual I could be, help people who needed help, and the US vice-president was trying to confuse the message we were trying to put there, I do not know not what to say about it.

Pence is not limited to how the players defy. Anyway, to escape all NFL distractions, he received the strategies of an immature and sensitive snowflake that responds to the discourse he dislikes by misrepresenting it.

At the moment when a young boy makes a demonstration of escape from the articulation, he considers politically bad; he frequently avoids the thoughts that he must last at the penny. While Pence has spent money on citizens to get to this NFL sport. Many of them.


He began his career in Las Vegas, Nevada, denoting the bloodbath of the current massacre on Saturday. Also, he finished in California, where he will present a GOP meeting promising a lunch meeting at a country club in Newport Beach on Monday. But instead of going from one to the other – a long road or a short and burst flight – he first flew the distance across the country to have the game at Colts’ home in Indianapolis.


The flight to Indianapolis costs almost $ 100,000. The additional price tag will also include ground transportation and safety. This is more than most Americans in a year.


A vice president of the company revealed to CNN that the tour in Indianapolis “was expected weeks after Colts quarterback Peyton Manning was respected.” The six-figure spending to send power to meet a multi-million-dollar rival illustrate the swamp. Is this an ideal way that Pence can discover to invest our money and energy? Moreover, it accepts that the hike intends to respect a player. As President Trump said, the two men talked about the likelihood that the players would not agree in the middle of the national anthem and that Pence would leave if that happened. In a way, the president and the vice-president planned a project to burn six people who were heading for an opportunity knowing that it was likely that Pence would not arrive at all.


Subsequently, Pence’s office struggled to protect the quake, requiring that “if the Vice President did not travel to Indiana for the pleasure of the Colts, he would have flown to DC by night, which would mean going directly in Indiana. Excursion to Indiana for pleasure that was planned for half a month “.


However, in this speculative situation, he would have wasted his opportunity, and taxpayers money, passing the distance from Las Vegas to Washington, DC, at night, just to swing and go to Newport Beach, California the next day. This would also have been the subject of feedback if this had happened. Rather, his ineffective trip to Indianapolis happened- a blatant loss of time and money in what turned out to be a political trick.

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