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NFL Headquarters: Spike Lee unveils Date for Colin Kaepernick Rally


Spike Lee reveals info on a rally in the help of Colin Kaepernick at NFL HQ in New York City on 23 of August 2017.


Kaepernick stays unsigned, which has prompted a lot of debate about his choice to stoop amid the national anthem in dissent of racial inequality and police mercilessness last season has added to his failure to get on with a group.


Enthusiasm for Kaepernick since the finish of the 2016 season has been lukewarm up to this point.

The Seattle Seahawks acquired him for a visit before picking not to sign him.

Later He explained that he was not the one who orginized rally

The veteran tossed for 16 touchdowns, 2,241 yards, and four captures while scrambling for 468 yards and two more touchdowns.


Kaepernick likewise has six career playoff begins surprisingly which also includes a Super Bowl.

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