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No One knows that how these 13 startups have raised millions

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Before initiative the launches, it goes through sneak up phase. However often this is a handsome short time before the company hits the market, but some companies take years to raise their millions along the way before the public learns what they’re doing.

CB Insights (is the model tool for those engaged in private equity, corporate development, investment banking, venture capital, angel investment and consulting, etc.) has assembled a list of the top-funded stealth companies that haven’t opened to the public up till now.

To be well thought-out among the companies had actively raised money in the last two years and raised around $10 million. The companies have raked in millions even though the public has no idea what they do:

13.Sheryl Sandberg

The amount raised: $10 million

Investors: 14 angel investors including- Sheryl Sandberg, Al Gore, and Yahoo CFO Ken Goldman

What we know: With high-profile investors, the company wants to change way companies do business around the globe by “Combining A.I. with domain expertise.”

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