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Olbermann: Sally Yates is ‘American legend.’


Keith Olbermann is piling acclaim on former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, calling her an “American legend” and praising her comments before a Senate board.


“In the time of Trump, she emerges as a champion,” Olbermann said on his GQ podcast, “The Resistance.”


Olbermann additionally attacked President Trump for firing Yates after she came to him to present evidence that retired Lt. Gen., Michael Flynn, then serving as a national security consultant, was potentially traded off by the Russians.


“You are the goddamn president of the goddamn United States, and your acting attorney general tells your White House counsel that your national security adviser was ‘compromised’ on the Russians … and you don’t want him to be in a position where the Russians have leverage over him. And you fire the acting attorney general, not the national security adviser?” Olbermann asked.

“Which are you ― an idiot or a traitor?” he inquired.


Olbermann finished he communicate by saying that the Trump organization’s ineptitude was sufficient to expel Trump from office.

“No matter who is the puppet and who is the puppeteer, our country is not safe in the hands of these idiots. Trump and all of them must go, and they must go now. Resist. Peace.”

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